Hydrogen Fueled Car – And How To Turn Your Car Into A Hydrogen Fueled Car

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With the current condition of the economy and gas prices at an all-time high, many folks are looking for different ways to save some money. Some are dropping cable TV, while others may be cutting back on dining out at restaurants. Many people, though, are researching the benefits of driving a hydrogen fueled car to free themselves from the dependency of fossil fuels like petroleum (where gas comes from). The hydrogen fueled car is supposed to be the greatest conception of the 21st century for the automobile industry. Before deciding to drive a hydrogen fueled car, it is important that you understand how a hydrogen-powered car works.

A hydrogen fueled car is powered by a special engine that is powered by water as a fuel (rather than gasoline). Yes, you’ve read that correctly – W-A-T-E-R. Through an electrical reaction called electrolysis, the “fuel cell” of a hydrogen fueled car is able to extract the hydrogen and oxygen atoms from the H20 (the water), and uses the hydrogen to power the engine. Pretty cool, huh?!

There are many benefits to driving a hydrogen fueled car. By using a car that runs on water, you not only save money from using less gasoline, you also reduce air pollution of harmful carbon dioxide emissions put into the air by dirty gasoline exhaust. With everybody trying to go green these days, a hydrogen fueled car is a great way to help save the environment.

A hydrogen fueled car also has a much high fuel efficiency at well above 50 miles per gallon. However, this does not really matter, as these cars are powered by water! Now, there are plans on the internet that will tell you how to build a hydrogen fuel cell for your car, but these plans are just theoretical. If making a hydrogen fueled car was so easy, everybody would be driving one!

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Hydrogen Fueled Car – And How To Turn Your Car Into A Hydrogen Fueled Car

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This article was published on 2010/12/27